Friday, February 17, 2012

On Wine

written by Johnson

Sometime ago, possibly during a particularly slow afternoon at work, I stumbled upon the website, WineAlign.

As you can probably guess, it's a website about wine.

If you're at all into wine (and live in Ontario) it's actually pretty handy as it incorporates a comprehensive list of wines, their prices, and critics reviews and also allows you to customize your profile based on what types of wines you like and where you live and then incorporates the real-time inventory of your local liquor store so that you know what's available nearby that you might like. Handy, right?

During my bored perusal of this helpful website, I also discovered that, if you sign up for a WineAlign profile, the site also allows you to add your own reviews of wine to help guide other users.

Well, there's really only so much commenting I can do over at Turnback to God to kill an afternoon, so I thought I'd sign up and offer my thoughts on some of my favourite wines.

I hope you find my reviews useful!

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