Thursday, December 29, 2011

Room-mate Ruins Sick Day

A day that was meant to be one of relaxation and rest for Toronto resident Mike Carter was ruined earlier this week when he inadvertently called in sick to work on a day that his roommate, Dwayne, also had the day off.

Carter, a mid-level employee in a mediocre software engineering firm, called in sick early Thursday morning when he decided he simply didn't feel like going to work.

"I just got [Playstation 3 game, Batman:] Arkham City and I've been putting in a lot of hours on this brutal project at work so I just thought, f--- it, I deserve a day off."

Unfortunately for Carter, he forgot that his roommate, Dwayne, a part-time employee at a local pet store, never works on Thursdays.

"Yeah, I just walked out into the living room and saw him there on the couch and was kind of like, 'Damn it!'" notes Carter.

While Carter still spent the day doing essentially nothing, his video game session was relegated to playing Dwayne's copy of NHL 12 since it's the only two player game they have, and because technically the system belongs to Dwayne.

The presence of Dwayne likewise meant that Carter had to share the already minuscule recently discovered remnants of a joint he had hidden in an Altoids container and, while he still spent a good portion of the day masturbating, the presence of his roommate in the next room meant he had to do so with a sort of nervously quiet lack of enthusiasm.

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