Monday, November 28, 2011

Change Thing Finally Full

Panic struck in my household last night as it finally became unquestionably clear that the thing my wife and I dump pocket change into was full to the brim.

The change thing, which appears to have been an old fish bowl, was flirting with capacity for some time after an incredibly long run serving as the thing into which both my wife and I haphazardly dump all pocket change smaller than a quarter whenever we come home--often throwing our keys beside it onto the old hutch upon which it sat.

While the change thing appeared full for some time, it wasn't until late last night, after adding an assortment of small change collected following a snack run to the gas station next door, that my wife and I realized that yes, the change thing was finally full.

Having been void of quarters and loonies, which are always saved instead for laundry, it was easy to overlook the importance of the change thing. That all changed today, when, in a panicked moment after work, I began aggressively dumping the contents of my pockets in order to take off my work pants, and realized there was nowhere to unload the assortment of small change I had accumulated after having bought a peppermint tea at Tim Hortons this afternoon.

Some time was spent considering the effort it would require to roll the contents of the change thing, as was the idea of simply dumping the change thing into that machine thing at the grocery store that saves you having to roll it. Ultimately, however, owing to the urgency of the need to take off my ever-tightening dress pants, I opted instead to simply hide the change thing in a neglected corner of our bedroom behind a selection of VHS tapes that will never again be watched.

A newly emptied tube from a bottle of scotch became conveniently available shortly following the removal of my work pants and I quickly noticed its potential to become the new change thing. The tube, from a particularly delicious bottle of The Balvenie 12 year-old Signature series, is now home to approximately $1.47 and seems poised to enjoy a long career holding change, small foreign currency left over from vacations, and the occasional button.

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