Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a Bunch of Pictures of Hipster Chicks vol. 2

i'm not sure if it's cuz he's just in the mood 2 see some semi-nude ladies or if it's cuz my last installment of hipster chicks is still good 4 a handful of hits 2 the blog everyday from horny google image searchers, but whatever the reason, there was a post-it on my macbook today from The Real Johnson that said "do more hipster tits."

since i generally spend abt half the day browsing the net for pics of hot chicks NE way, it didn't take me 2 long to compile a few images i think you'll all approve of.

no one here is naked, but there are some pictures you might not want to look @ if yr @ work after the jump

where there's no image credit provided, i took the pictures from The Real Johnson's tumblr site. if they're yours let me know and i'll give due credit for yr beautiful work.

let's start things off with some pics from everyone's favourite provider of ads to masturbate to hoodies, american apparel.

feel like she's going to get cold. that shirt is way 2 small
try to pretend you don't recognize faye reagan from "somewhere"

epic sideboob
the next series of images is from my favourite party blog, lasnightsparty.

this was obvi a windy party
smoking: so hot right now

srious nipslip potential here

feel like these arent rly sensible outfits. kind of asking for a chest cold

hot mom from modern family likes to party too, bros

o hai! just chillin in a big ol' pile of feathers
i'm not sure where the rest of these pics came from. they're all taken from tumblr. if they're yrs, email me an i'll credit/remove them. if you are the girl in the picture, email me and i'll come over with 12 pabst and an art film <3

sweet wolf tat

def not a real hipster. cute girl in hipster costume.

the best boobs stay in the air when yr lying down. also, the best dimples R metal

prob not a hipster, but a bum like that defies labels

fave pic here. gets to be the largest. <3 plaid shirt and underwear girl

just gazing of into the distance, rubbing my sides and shit

"get up there right tit! sheesh. always slippin"


questions or concerns about these pictures? want to send me some pictures for the next installment of pictures of hipster chicks? email me at

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