Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raspberry Vinaigrette

What kind of sick idiot invented raspberry vinaigrette?

Whose idea was it to combine vinegar with fruit in the first place? This is disgusting.

For that matter, what kind of idiot puts fruit in any dish that's supposed to be a meal? Fruit in a salad is always disgusting (unless it is a fruit salad). Fruit should be eaten by itself and/or in deserts. No discussion.

This fruit in meals nonsense has got to stop. Adding orange slices to a shitty salad doesn't make it "mandarin."

Who wants fruit vinaiger on a salad??

Who buys raspberry vinaigrette?

And what kind of sick bastard buys raspberry vinaigrette, then leaves it in the fridge at my work virtually untouched?

Clearly you should have known that when I need condiments, I treat that fridge as my own and plunder wantonly. As a result, you madame (I assume) have ruined my lunch.

Furthermore, given that this is possibly the first time I've ever brought a salad as part of my lunch, you've now ruined the entire experience for me and I'll likely never eat salad for lunch again. Accordingly, my expanding waistline is also on your head.

Thanks a lot, you raspberry vinaigrette eating asshole.

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