Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just A Bunch of Pictures of Chicks on Bikes

so, as was probably obvi from his last couple of epic rants, Johnson is back and in fine form.

i notice he didn't take the time 2 let u know how i was, so i'll tell you: i'm alive.

it turns out the tiger wasn't even here last week. Johnson put him in a kennel before taking off 2 wherever the hell it was he took off 2. so i spent 8 days locked in my office drinking warm beer and eating from a big rubbermaid container and sleeping under a desk for no reason. also turns out that the party mix i ate 2 stay alive was in fact the tiger's food so i've been working overtime cleaning Johnson's wig and false mustache collection (don't ask).

NE way, since people around the office seem 2 be pretty focused right now on how shitty Toronto could become as polls continue 2 report a lead for some dude named ford, i asked Johnson if i might post something on the blog 2 remind people how great the city is. he was hesitant @ first and cocked his fist, as is his habit when i speak, but when i told him i wanted 2 post pictures of hipster chicks on bikes he said "Go 4 it."

i've noted that the "hipster chicks" post i put up during the real hipster week is bookmarked on the big guy's google chrome, so i'm thinking he may also share this, another of those fine big city fetishes, in addition 2 hawt hipster girls in glasses.

NE way, here's some chicks on bikes.

this first batch is from arguably the first "fashion on bikes" site, Cycle Chic, which is based out of Copenhagen and features nothing but pictures of fashionable people (hot chicks included) astride two wheels.

in the same vein as Cycle Chic, if not directly influenced, a few Toronto-based cycle style blogs have sprouted up. one is called The Common Elite (the picture below is from there).

another TO based one is 416cyclestyle. the images below were all stolen borrowed from that site.

and then, since i realized that these pictures weren't really of the smokin' hot variety (they're fashionable and arty, don't get me wrong) i went searching for something a little more spankworthy edgy. thinking of my luck with girlswithglasses, i looked for something similar and happened upon the aptly named Fuck Yeah Girls & Bikes!

i don't know what city this blog is based out of, pretty sure it's just a collection of girls with bikes from all over the tumblsphere, but there's a sampling of some pictures from that site, below.

is this kensington?? can't tell

do u guys share my love of girls on bikes?
what is it that makes it hot? 
is it the cleavage u can see when she's approaching?
the bum when yr trailing behind in the bike lane?
the crouching position?
does the girl's bike matter do u, or R all girls on bikes hawt?

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