Monday, February 15, 2010

Search Terms

A Real Hipster RJ Vacation Post

so, as you know, the Real Johnson is on vacation, leaving me behind to deal with the cold, mind his blog and feed his tiger (don't ask).

he was pretty specific about what I could and couldn't post.

no more hipster music posts for a while (he downloaded Gil Scott-Heron's album on my recommendation then beat me with a length of knotted rope after he listened to it). no funny kitten videos (i feel like he just doesn't get the existential commentary provided by a good lolcat meme) and no writing about my life (because as he says, "it's all bullshit.")

that didn't leave me many options.

so, i thought i'd just provide you with the top search terms that bring people to this blog.

it's sort of interesting.

  • top of the list is, by far, "anne dudley scam."

see, a while back RJ posted about an online condo scam he found on craigslist. since the poster continues to attempt the scam on craigslist in cities all over north america, most frequently using the alias "anne dudley," this post has become, by far, the most heavily trafficked on the blog because people are googling to see if this deal is in fact too good to be true.

for the most part, the rest of the search terms (with the exception of "The Real Johnson") are pretty much tied for frequency. Here's some of my favourites:

  • gino douche bags
  • "brett michaels" degenerate
  • bryan burke jesus
  • julie berry survivor implants
  • snot rope
  • danielle dilorenzo implants
  • Why Dexter Sucks
  • woman farting in face video

Makes you think, eh? especially makes you wonder what exactly that last guy was looking for? is that a fetish? yikes.

anyway, time to feed Trammell. ciao.

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