Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stick Story

If you didn't watch the the Detroit/Chicago Winter Classic from Wrigley Field on New Year's day, first of all, you're an idiot and you missed a great outdoor hockey game in one of sport's best venues.

And second of all, you were among the few. The game was the most watched regular season hockey game since a February 23, 1975 game between Philadelphia and New York .
However, even if you watched the game, you probably didn't hear about the melodrama that unfolded for one young fan who, while watching the victorious Wings leave the ice, was handed Henrik Zetterberg's game stick (unless of course you read sports blogs when you're supposed to be working...).

Either way here is the story (in very brief detail, with links to a much more thorough telling over at the entertaining Yahoo! sports blog Puck Daddy).

In a story apparently first reported in the Chicago Tribune, a young fan watched Zetterberg leave the ice and was elated when Hank handed him his stick.

Some jerk then cornered the kid outside the stadium, pretending to be a security guard and confiscated the stick.

The jerk then sold the stick to a dude in the bathroom at Wrigley for $100. Back at home in South Carolina, the dude, proud of his purchase (despite the fact that he is a Blackhawks fan), showed it to what seems like every one in his neighbourhood. One of those neighbours happened to read about the kid in Chicago losing the stick via an online version of the Chicago Tribune and informed the dude who had bought the stick, who then e-mailed the Tribune columnist.

The dude, perhaps being a nice guy, perhaps realizing that, now that the story was out he had no choice unless he wanted to be skewered by bloggers relentlessy, shipped the stick back to the kid.

Either way, until the identity of the security guard is revealed, this is a pretty nice ending to that story.

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